Benefits of eating eggplants- Living a healthy lifestyle

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Many incorporate eggplants in their salads, pizza or sauces, only because it came up as one of the ingredients in a recipe. They are totally unaware of the numerous nutritional benefits this tear-drop shaped plant has.

The eggplant is deep purple in color and goes by different names depending on which part of the country you come from. Also known as the guinea squash, melongene, garden egg, aubergine, the eggplant ranks top among foods that aid in the proper function of the human body.

Some of these functions are as follows;

Healthy brain

Owing to the abundance of phytonutrients in eggplants, regular consumption of this fruit translates to a healthy brain. Phytonutrients work to protect the brain from harmful toxins, increase blood supply, as well as discourage free radical growth.

Cancer prevention

Anti-oxidants provide our bodies the necessary strength to fight diseases. The eggplant is a good source of anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and manganese which boost immunity through production of white blood cells, and hence instrumental in fighting cancer. The eggplant contains Chlorogenic and Nasunin acids that are antibacterial and inhibit free radicals.

Promote healthy weight

The eggplant is a splendid source of healthy fiber that is fat and cholesterol free. It is perfect for those trying to maintain a healthy weight or are obese. This fruit is said to discourage the ghrelin hormone release. This hormone is responsible for sending signals to the brain that indicate hunger.

Contain iron

People suffering from anemia or have iron deficiency have been advised to include eggplants in their diet. Eggplants contain adequate levels of iron and copper which are crucial elements of the red blood cells. Healthy red blood cells consequently prevent weakness, fatigue, depression, migraines among other adversities caused by iron deficiency.

Strengthen bones

Calcium is known to aid in the growth of strong and healthy bones. People who suffer from bone diseases like osteoporosis can find solace in the eggplant, which contains significant amounts of calcium and phenolic compounds which work wonders in reversing the damage caused on bones. Stronger and denser bones are characteristic of a diet abundant in eggplants over a long period of time.

Prevents heart disease

The presence of bad cholesterol in our bodies can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Heart diseases like stroke, hypertension and heart attacks, come about as a result of over-consumption of foods containing bad cholesterol. Eggplants contain properties like fiber and bioflavonoids that help encourage the uptake of good cholesterol while discouraging the presence of bad cholesterol in the body.

Monitors sugar levels

Eggplants aid in monitoring glucose and insulin levels in the body. They are therefore the go-to for people who have diabetes. The fruit also contains soluble carbohydrates and is high in fiber which is also imperative for the management of diabetes.

Promote fetal health.

Pregnant women are encouraged to take folic acid which promotes overall fetal health. Folic acid has been proven to prevent numerous birth defects. Rich in folic acid, eggplants can be a better alternative to the usual supplement pills. They taste good and can fit perfectly in a variety of dishes.

It is therefore advisable to incorporate eggplants in your meals on a daily basis. Eggplants are wealthy in numerous nutrients that serve their purpose in organs throughout the body, head to toe. They promote general health and are sure to reduce or completely cut off trips to the doctor.

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