The Best Air Fryers in 2020 Reviews- Top 5 Picks Guide

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What is an air fryer and why do you need it? Because you are on this page, I assume that if you don’t know about an air fryer, then you have heard of it. These are modern kitchen cooking equipment that you can use for frying purposes. The difference that exist is that you only use very little oil and that helps you to cut on the oil that you normally use by up to 75%. That means they are very healthy and hence is inevitable for your kitchen. Now look at the top 5 best air fryers reviews that are available on the market.

Philips XL Air Fryer

Philips Air Fryer is one of the popular type on the market. It is highly rated due to the performance and features that come with it. Of course, if you want to have the best air fryer for your kitchen, and want to live healthy by avoiding oils and fats, then you will have to acquire this best option that come with the ability to cook with less oil. Here, you can reduce up to 75% of the oils that you normally use and that comes with a health advantage.

The rapid air technology is what leads to the perfect results since it circulates hot air at high speeds hence cooking with less oil. With the digital interface, you can use the same to regulate the temperature up to 390-degrees and hence can use it to cook different food types. The other features just to mention for your sake of making a wise choice include the 60-minute timer, auto shut-off feature, and preset button among other features. Therefore, this is one of the best air fryers that you need to buy for your kitchen.

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T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Air Fryer

With this brand type, you can cook all your favorite fried foods faster and without having to use much oil. Therefore, if you want to have one of the best air fryers for your kitchen, you need to know what want to achieve from the product. This type is affordable and you can acquire without a strain on budget. Apart from that, you need an air fryer that works to give you the best results and this is just what you have been searching.

It comes with a food capacity of 1kgs, simple on/off switch button, digital timer, and a removable ceramic-coated pan among other features. The features that we have just mentioned about this product are the ones that make this product work efficiently and effectively. The other thing is the secure fit and cooking recipe that come with the products.

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GoWISE USA Air Fryer

This is another one of the best air fryers that we found on the market and with features that makes it effective for your frying needs. The fryer comes with 3.7-quartz capacity and 8-cooking presets. Some of the things that you need to know about the featured presets is that the same are for achieving different results such as chicken, steak, warm-up, cake, fish, meat, and other cooking presets.

The cooking timer is another feature that come with this best air fryer and hence is one of the things that you will need for timing cooking for different food types. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best air fryers for your healthy cooking, then you should acquire this type if it fits your specifications.

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Avalon Bay Air Fryers

This air fryer is one of the best that comes with excellent features making it suitable for healthy cooking. For you to have healthy fried foods, you should forget on the old means that uses a lot of fats and hence making the whole process not healthy. This air fryer come with the quality features making it suitable for its purpose.

The fryer comes with 3.7-quartz capacity, sleek design, and smart air technology. Of course, this air fryer is less expensive than other models herein and you can afford it easily. The temperature ranges from 180-400 degrees and hence making it suitable for frying different types of food. The other feature is that it comes with 400-watts and hence the best for your frying needs.

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Cozyna Air Fryer with Cookbooks

Here is the last but the best air fryer that we have on this guide. The product comes with up to 50-cookbooks or recipes and hence you can use it to venture into different foods that you have never tasted before. The air fryer technology that come with this air fryer is one that makes it healthier for your cooking than using oil.

Of course, this fryer is an all-in-one machine that can make it easy for you to cook different types of foods and to achieve great results. It is useful for grilling, roasting, and for baking among others. It is dishwater safe making it easy to clean. Therefore, if you had not made your mind before, then this is the best air fryer that you need for your frying needs. Of course, it is affordable.

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Once you have settled for your favorite type, you can make your order from Amazon and wait to enjoy healthy frying. Air fryers is the safest and healthiest frying that you need to adopt and you can only achieve that with one of the best air fryers above.


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