Top 10 Best Arc Welders in 2020 Reviews | Buying Guide

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For those who are serious about handling ‘Do It Yourself ‘ projects at home or at your place of work, an arc welder is a must have item in your garage. Arc welders are commonly used used for small repairs, maintenance work,  and construction purposes. With that said, here goes top 10 best arc welder reviews.

10. Silverline 466888 Arc Welders

A highly efficient arc welder for both amateurs and professionals in welding. While incorporating high technology, this electronic is in this list of best arc welders due to the focus channeled towards the safety of it’s user. It comes packed with a mask for welding, a chipping hammer and an earth cable and hence is the best arc welder that you cannot avoid.

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9. Pitbull Ultra-Portable 100 Arc Welders

This arc welder is a lightweight appliance built to deliver nothing other than what is expected by it’s owner. One of the best arc welders to choose if you are looking for portability, efficiency and a good end result. With 100amps capacity, this arc welder is suitable for domestic use and is able to weld on steel of a thickness of up to ¼ inch. Accompanying the machine is a stinger and a welder’s shield.

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8. Forney  100amps Arc Welder

Of the best arc welders in the market, the Forney arc welder 100 is your best bet. It can run continuously for hours and yet deliver quality work throughout. It is made using high quality material and is good for simple home projects. It is compact, efficient and light. An easy to use machine for that beginner electrician.

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7. LONGEVITY 140 portable Arc Welder

Are you a pro welder? Do you do welding as a hobby? You have repairs you need done? Look no further, this is one of the best arc welders that will cover all your welding needs. It comes fitted with a digital display to help you see what amp setting you are working with. It also has dual voltage, working at 110/220 volts. By all means the best arc welders for general use.

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6. Lincoln Electric Arc Welder

At 49 pounds, the Lincoln Electronic Arc Welder is portable and quite swift. It has four voltage settings which enables you to work on different gauge steel with thickness ranging from 24 gauge to 1/8 inches. Packaged along with the machine is a hand shield built with filter plate, cable assembly, clamp, gas nozzle, gas regulator and many other accompaniments. The best arc welders for that experienced guy.

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5. Hot Max ARC 100 Welder

In place of a generator, you have the option of using a car inverter to power this arc welder.  This owing to its ability to flex in order to efficiently work on any of your light weight welding projects. It can also run on single phase power at 120 volts. These are certainly the best arc welders if you are looking for flexibility and functionality.

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4. EVERLAST Power Arc 140

This arc welder is a compact machine that goes easy on electric consumption and yet quite effortless to work with. Weighing 24.8 pounds, you can bring this welding machine along wherever work needs to be done. It is portable, and comes with a holder for your welding rods and a cable and hence is one of the best arc welders that you need for your welding work.

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3. ARKSEN ARC Welder 250

This arc welder type is built with high safety standards, this appliance ranks high among the best arc welders owing to its advanced capabilities. To serve all your welding needs, this machine comes Packaged with certain accompaniments. They include, electrodes, face mask, torch, earth cable, and torch. To protect against heat overload, the ARKSEN ARC welder has a built in fan. A unique feature that renders it incomparable to other welding machines.

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2. EVERLAST Power Arc 200.

Guaranteeing performance without compromising on power is the Everlast Power Arc 200. Its capabilities push welding boundaries to deliver nothing but excellent results whether at home or at work. Measuring 15 by 11 by 7 inches, this welder weighs 30 pounds. Once you purchase it, you will find clamps, stick wires, different kinds of adapters and a power receptacle.

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1. Stanley Arc 100

The best arc welders perfect for home and industrial use, this machine ranks top of the best arc welders to give you stability and power. It works at a single phase power of 120 volts and an output of 100 amps. It is made of high quality material that guarantees durability for decades to come. It weighs 25 pounds and is quite easy to maintain.

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One must however be cautious by maintaining all required safety measures while welding. Always have on your welding mask to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the bright light emitted while using an arc welder. Remember to put on protective gloves and clothing through out your body to shield you from damaging your skin due to the high temperatures akin to welding. If you’re a beginner, you will find it prudent to have a better skilled welder to guide you as you use a welding machine.

You can also check on the best engine driven welders or perhaps the best MIG welders and from there, you can make your choice right.

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