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Top 5 best bathrobes for men in 2020 | Buying Guide

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Don’t just admire the hotel and spa bathroom experience when you can bring the same to your home. Yes, you have towels but that bathroom is still lacking something. The bathrobe. The comfort that a fine bathrobe can bring is beyond measure. You can enjoy the warmth and comfort, and everything that it has to offer. Now, we have here the top 5 best bathrobes for men for anyone who needs to make a choice and acquire the best.

  1. Alexander Lightweight Men’s Cotton Robe

Here you have a lot of options to choose when it comes to the color and the design. You can go with the black choice with white piping, light and dark blue color with black piping, or any other option among the varieties that come under this choice. The bathrobes are made of 100% cotton fabric and that is why they are durable. That makes this brand one of the best bathrobes to have for your home. It is designed to suit men. You also have in it the two front pockets and the inside closure. Everything just looks fine.

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  1. Towel Selections Terry Cotton Robe

This is one of the best bathrobes for men and women. Suitable for both. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy yourselves, relax, and feel warmth at the comfort of your home, then this is the worthy choice to make. It features excellent soft plush and absorbency and comes in different sizes so that you can have the one that is a perfect fit for your body. If you are planning a party or anything surprise and you need the best gift, then this bathrobe would be of great value.

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  1. Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Bathrobe

If you want a fine gift to surprise your husband or boyfriend, this is just what would make him feel your care and love. It is the best thing to have for warmth at home and after bathing. The bathrobe is made of fine quality materials and is soft and warm. The versatility is what makes it even beat the towel by far. The advantage that comes with this excellent bathrobe is the hood that looks attractive and warm. Therefore, if you need to have one of the best bathrobes, this is just what would make you feel that you have achieved it.

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  1. Alexander Del Rossa Hooded Bathrobe

This brand seems to have a lot in store for us. It does not mean that we are profiling the bathrobes from the same brand only. No. We have just analyzed the best and seems this brand is the dominant one on the market when it comes to quality. Therefore, this is a fantastic bathrobe that is suitable for men, comes with 100% cotton, warm hood, is easy to wash, and is comfortable to wear. Therefore, if you want the best bathrobe for your home, then you need to check this wonderful choice.

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  1. Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Flannel Robe

There are so many color options to choose and you will not lack the perfect choice for your preference. It is one of the best choices to make when you need something modest, warm, and presentable. There are two front pockets that come with the bathrobe making it one of the best bathrobes for men. You need to check on it and for sure, it would be the best choice that you ever needed. It is easy to wash, comes with 100% cotton fabric, and is thus durable.

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Why you should buy a bathrobe

There are so many reasons why you need to have a bathrobe. It is one of the ways of making your life super comfortable at home. You can relax with it while doing your house chores, something that you cannot do without a towel. The bathrobes are also useful for a variety of functions, you can take it for swimming. You can cook while wearing them, or even do your cleaning chores just with the peace of mind. After bathing, it absorbs moisture and helps in keeping the whole of your body warm.

Are bathrobes better than towels?

Of course, I would be underrating the bathrobe to compare with the towel. Why? The towel is just the best for drying your body and your hair after bathing but in a bathrobe, it does everything; that is drying and keeping your warm. If you had to use a towel to warm yourself, at least most parts of your body would be exposed to cold. For a bathrobe, it is a different case since it keeps your whole body warm. Just looks like an apron.

Warmer than towels

Yes, bathrobes are warmer than towels and you can enjoy the warmth just after you are out of the bathroom or during the cold weather. They are soft and comfortable to wear making them not only warm but also calling to wear. You will always feel like wearing them and that is due to the warmth and the comfort that comes from it.

They are versatile

Bathrobes are meant to be versatile. It serves different functions. You can cook with it instead of the apron, you can wash, mob, and do everything that you can do in your home while you have the bathrobe. It is not like a towel since a towel is limited in what we have just mentioned.

They are modest

Anyone who has seen a bathrobe can attest to the fact that they look so decent that you can use it instead of your clothes while relaxing at home. It is even suitable for a couple. I can also say they are more decent than the normal aprons. That is my view but the fact on the ground.

What to look for when buying the best bathrobes

There are so many things that you should consider so that you can have a fine bathrobe that would not give you problems. Of course, you need something that fits you. That is the first consideration to make. You just don’t want to fall into a large bathrobe that would be uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, some of the other considerations to make include the following:


If you are for something that is attractive, then this is where to stop before you can buy your bathrobe. We have a vast variety of colors and details of the same. Some are plain, some of stripped, and some with piping. Therefore, you need to have your preference matched when it comes to color and you can just find your suitable match on the list above.

Fabric type

Is it cotton, chenille, velour, satin, or microfiber? When it comes to choosing one of the best bathrobes for men, this idea comes into play. You need to have the perfect type of material that you feel is suitable for your body. Also, different materials types come with different lifespans. Therefore, the type of the material that you choose will also determine the durability of your bathrobe.


Another thing to check is the pockets. Remember, you are not just going to use your bathrobe in the bathroom. You will need it while undergoing some other duties at home. As we mentioned, bathrobes are versatile and the pockets should not be a limiting factor to the versatility that comes with the robes.


The last but not the least consideration is the warmth. This consideration depends on the temperature or the season. If you are looking for the best bathrobe for men that you would be using for the cold seasons, then you would better go for the thick and soft ones that offer more warmth. If it is for the summer, then you can have the lightweight types that are not too warm for the season.


You have the power to change your style and comfort. If you have been using the towel to cover your body after bathing, you need to change that style and acquire one of the best bathrobes that would give you what towels can’t give. Just check the price on Amazon and get the one that you can afford.


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