Top 10 Best Bug Zappers in 2020 Reviews- Buying Guide

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Bug zappers play a crucial role in controlling flies and therefore creating a conducive environment that is worth living in. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are always flies that creates a distracting environment. Just from the normal noises, you will always not feel comfortable in a company of flies. Actually, some flies are harmful and may cause serious diseases and illnesses. In this case, you need to have one of the zappers to arrest the same problem. Here are the top 10 best bug zapper reviews:

Having learnt about the different brands of the best bug zappers that are available on the market, there is also something very important that you need to know when all brands are combined. In this case, you will realize that, every brand has the best product. However, when all brands are combined, you get the best products that are preferred by consumers due to their effectiveness and efficiency.

1. Flowtron BK-15D Insect Killer Bug Zapper

The product features a very large grill that makes it suitable for killing even the large insects with different shapes. The Flowtron bulb is easy to replace and thus making it simple to use by any ordinary person. When it comes to the other features that pertains its functionality, the product is very pleasant aesthetically and comes with self-regulating features enhanced by the photocell timer. The other incredible features of this spectacular device include a brass ring for hanging, ultra-violet light bulbs, mosquito lure, and an attractive plastic enclosure.

top 10 best bug zappers reviews

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2. Indoor Aspectek Insect Killer

Aspectek zapper is also a powerful and one of the best bug trappers with great and excellent features and effectiveness.  Indeed, if you were looking for the best indoor insect killer, I would recommend this awe-inspiring product. This is because you need to have the extra comfort of your home that is free from buzzing and irritating noises of different flies. The features of this spectacular product are just incredible. Of course, the bright UV light that is emitted by this wonderful zapper makes it effective in attracting different kinds of insects and bugs that are found indoors. Once the insects are attracted inside the device, they are then killed in the basement, covered porch, or garage.

top 10 best bug zappers reviews

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3. Executioner Fly Swatter

The Executioner Swatter is  also one of the best bug zappers that comes with great features. The zapper is very effective and efficient in destroying every bug or insects that have invested in your home. The features of this product include the 2AA batteries and plastic body. The zapper is highly portable and thus you can carry it along wherever you may want. It is also important to note the fact that, this product has gained a lot of demand on the market due to its effectiveness, affordability, and other significant features. In this case, if you are looking for an affordable yet effective product for your house, it is recommendable that you consider this best zapper.

top 10 best bug zappers reviews

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4. Elucto Electric Bug Zapper

This bug zapper is one of the trusted brands that is being used by a great number of professionals. If you want to get rid of the bugs in your home once and for all, then this is the right zapper to choose. The zapper comes with 2 AA batteries and therefore is very effective and efficient in trapping insects among other flies. The zapper is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and therefore it is highly portable. When it comes to the cost, this product is just worth value for money. In addition, the handheld design of this great zapper makes it easy to use and to carry along.

top 10 best bug zappers reviews

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5. Pest Sentry Bug Zapper

This is also one of the top 10 best bug zappers that is sought after by the majority of homeowners. Pest Sentry is a powerful zapper that comes with compact and stylish design, and 20-watt electric system. Therefore, the zapper is made effective to trap and kill all kinds of bugs, insects and flies that includes the mosquitoes, houseflies, and wasps that are very harmful to health. The zapper is also made of a durable plastic body and is thus the best for indoor use. The other incredible features that make up this wonderful product include the dual UV bulbs that are non-irritant, integrated 2000-watt grid that is resistant to corrosion, and the washable tray that is easy to clean and to maintain.

best bug zapper reviews

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6. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Bug Zapper

Flowtron is another brand of the Flowtron products but with very different features from other similar brands. When you just look at the product, you will simply admire it. The features of this bug zapper include the compact and stylish design, wide coverage, and 120-watt lamp among other incredible features. When it comes to the advantages, there is always a lot. Ranging from the wide coverage, you can guess the fact that the zapper is good for use both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is very powerful and cannot be compared with other brands.

best bug zappers

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7. Stinger Rechargeable Insect Bug Zapper

This Stinger zapper comes from the Stinger brands and portrays great and excellent features that makes this a simple LED light source as well as a bug killer. Therefore, if you want to get the best bug zapper that is effective, here comes the option. In this case, the zapper has a button that you can be turn on whenever you may want to attract bugs. That means the device serves multiple indoor functions. Some of the beneficial features that make up this fantastic product include its portability due to the compact nature, recharge ability, ease of cleaning, the pleasant nature, and the indoor and outdoor capability. In addition, the zapper can kill all the bugs that are within the radius of 625 sq. feet and comes with a run time of about three and a half hours.

best bug zappers

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8. Zonore Electronic Bug Zapper

Zonore bug zapper comes from the Zonore brands that is well known for manufacturing the best products. In this case, if you want to destroy all kind of flies including mosquitoes, then this is a recommendable product for your choice. The zapper is suitable for outdoor and indoor use due to its killing radius of up to 1 acre. That means the zapper covers up to a about 6000 sq. feet. The other invaluable features that makes up this zapper include the washable tray that is easy to clean and hence to maintain, and the chemical free nature. Therefore, this zapper is suitable for both homes and commercial use.

best bug zappers

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9. PestiTech PTH-8 Bug zapper

This is a 20-Watt insect killer that comes with attractive features. The UV backlight reflector makes this product the best for indoor application. It is very effective and can destroy all kind of bugs that are available in your house in just no time. Coming back to the UV reflector, the reason behind is to enhance the reflection of light and thus to attract the insects and bugs into the zapper. When it comes to energy, the zapper is highly efficient and utilizes small amounts of energy as compared to other brands of similar type. The other features that are worth mentioning for this awesome product include the whisper operation, the ease of use, and the ease of cleaning.

best bug zappers reviews

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10. Black Flag BZ-40

Are you looking for an energy efficient and affordable best bug zappers? Perhaps you are wondering where to find the same. Luckily, Black Flag BZ-40 can fit into your budget without any financial strain. It is very efficient and can save a lot of energy unlike other brands that consume a lot of energy. In this connection, the zapper comes with a 40-watt light. Of course, 40-watt light is very convenient for indoor use since the light that is produced is not distracting unlike in other brands. Therefore, it is the best zapper that can fit your indoor needs.

best bug zappers

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With the help of a best bug zapper, you can be in a good position to control the presence of these flies both inside and outside your room. However, you need to have an idea on what to consider, the different brands available on the market and the features of each. In this case, this guide will help answer some of the questions that you may have in mind.

Top bug zapper brands

For you to choose the best product, you should be aware of the different brands that offers the best on the market. The top five bug zapper brands here include the following:

  1. Flowtron brands are one of the best on the market. This reputable company was founded in the year 1920 in Malden, USA. The company has remained to produce the best electronic insect devices and electric heaters that are available on the market.
  2. Stringer brands have also rocked the market with excellent bug zapper for both indoor and outdoor and mosquito zappers. The company was established in 1987 in South Africa and has continued to expand its popularity in many other countries.
  3. This is a family-owned company that has been in operation for the last 25 years. Aspectek is well known for its products that include electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and pest control and repellent devices.
  4. This is also one of the best sellers on the market exhibiting excellent pest control and flies control devices among others. The electronic products that come from this North American company are always safe, powerful and effective.
  5. Aouber brands come in handy features that makes them a top-drawer on the market. Every product that comes from this invaluable company is safe and friendly to the environment and is very effective in eliminating flies such gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects.

How to choose the best bug zapper

Choosing a bug zapper depends on a number of factors. In this case, before you can settle on your decision, you need to be aware of your needs and purpose for which the zapper is intended. Here, the following factors will help you in making the right decision when on the market:

  1. Construction and design: The design and construction of a bug zapper is a number one factor that you should consider before plunging into your pocket. That means, the zapper should have a friendly and easy to use design, should have a strong and durable design, and with easy to maintain features. In addition, it should have the best design that ensures the safety of the user, and have the capacity to attract very kind of flying insect.
  2. Coverage area: The coverage area depends on the type of lights that have been fixed into the system. In this case, if you are looking for an outdoor bug zapper, it should have a wide coverage area as compared to indoor zappers.
  3. The power source: Of course, you should always remember this factor when on the market. Since you do not want to buy a zapper that will cause great inconvenience, you should ask the questions such as; does the zapper uses battery, or is it only made to utilize electric power. Asking these questions will lead you to choosing the product that will work well with your source of power.
  4. Cost: Basically, different bug zappers come with different prices. After considering the above factors, you should also try to compare your needs with the available products that fits into your price range or budget. While some zappers are expensive, some are affordable and therefore, you will always find your perfect fit based on your range.

When selecting your product among the top 10 best bug zapper reviews, it is always the best practice to understand the product features before making the final decision. In this case, you should consider every factor and feature including the price, design, ease of use, safety, and source of power in order for you to make the best choice.