Top 5 Best Cordless String Trimmers in 2020 Reviews

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We hope that you will find the best string trimmer in this guide. We have done our best to compare hundreds of products from different brands using our normal criterion, and here we have the top 5 best cordless string trimmer reviews. When you have settled on your choice, you can purchase the same through the link that we have accompanied with each product to make it an easy task. The following is a list that we have compiled:

BLACK+DECKER LST136W String Trimmer

Choosing the best cordless string trimmer is never easy. However, our approach brings this brand at the first position after consideration of many factors that we will later address in this review. BLACK+DECKER brands are renowned and a great producer of the best garden tools among them the string trimmers. Therefore, you need to consider this brand, and for your information, it has seen a great boom in the market.

This trimmer is one of the best cordless string trimmers due to its functional features that include the 40V Li-ion battery, 13-inches cutting swatch, and power command dial that allows you to choose the amount of power that you want to use so that you can do the work faster. When the battery runs low, you can recharge it in only 1-hour and then resume to work. In the box, you will find the charger, the string trimmer itself, 40V battery, AF-100 spool, and a guard. Therefore, this is the best cordless trimmer overall and is efficient when it comes to performance.


Greenworks 21362 String Trimmer

Greenworks is never left out when it comes to the best cordless trimmers. In fact, it competes for neck to neck with BLACK+DECKER among other super brands when it comes to garden tools and equipment. It is one of the leading producers of the best string trimmers and other garden tools that do great on the market. Here comes one of the string trimmers that have received a positive response from the users due to its efficiency and power.

Looking at the features of this great string trimmer, you will accept the fact that it is the best on the market based on what we are going to profile. First, the trimmer accepts gas attachments so that you can have it use various sources of power thus a great convenience when it comes to fueling or power source. The cutting width for this trimmer is 14-inches. On the battery side, it is compatible with 20, 24, and 40v Li-ion batteries. Therefore, this is the best cordless string trimmer that will deliver great results for your garden.


WORX GT2.0 String Trimmer

This trimmer comes with 32-V battery, 3-spools, and charger. Therefore, everything that you need to have the best cordless trimmer has been included. The product is not just one of the best cordless trimmers but is because it also comes with other functionalities where you can use it for grass trimming, for mowing, and for edging. Its versatility is what makes it a great trimmer and you, therefore, need it for your garden maintenance.

The other features of this brand are that it comes with a 90-degree tilting head and height adjustment that you can do in seconds with the quick release lever. We can’t just forget to mention the main feature that perhaps you want to know. That is the cutting width. For this string trimmer, the cutting width is 12-inches. Therefore, this is one of the best string trimmers that you will find not only efficient and convenient but also easy to use.


BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 String Trimmer

This brand comes again. Now it is a budget string trimmer that is efficient for your garden trimming needs. The advantage is that it is easy on the pocket. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cordless string trimmer for the budget, meet this brand choice and make your decision right. Another advantage that comes with this string trimmer is the ability to convert to a wheeled edger hence making the trimmer versatile for different functions.

When you need to increase your power or speed, it is possible with this trimmer as it comes with 2-speed control for the same adjustment. The other feature that makes this trimmer the best on the market is the adjustable height that gives you the comfort depending on your height. In addition to that, the trimmer comes with 12-inches cutting width. Therefore, this brand is not just a brand; it is the power that you need for your garden.


DEWALT DCST920P1 String Trimmer

We close with this powerful string trimmer that comes with more power and motor efficiency than you could ever have with other brands. Of course, this type comes with a brushless motor, 20-V Li-ion battery, and speed control features. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best cordless string trimmers, this choice comes to fore. It is a reliable tool that you need for trimming your garden and does great in that. Of course, the battery comes with a charger so that you can have all the convenience you need to operate.

Another thing to look at is the cutting width, and for this excellent string trimmer, the cutting width is 13-inches. The product is purely a battery powered tool, and you don’t have to think of using gas to power it. Some of the benefits that come with the product or advantages include the ease of start, no fumes, less maintenance since it does not has carburetors and is compact and lightweight for easy handling and management when in use.


Things to check when choosing the best string trimmer

We have brought this guide so that if you are buying a trimmer for the first time, you will know how to go about your selection and to get the best string trimmer that will work for you. Some of the considerations that you need to make include the cutting swatch of the trimmer, the battery features, weight, speed control, and height adjustment among other things like the price. Have a look at each:

Cutting swatch

The cutting swatch is actually the cutting width. The same feature is proportional to the time that you are going to spend to complete your work. Therefore, when you are choosing a string trimmer for your garden, you must check on the cutting width. It comes in inches, and you will find some with 12, 11, 13-inches or even more. Therefore, you know your needs, and you should get the right width.


First, does the trimmer come with the battery? Is it included in the box? That is the first question that you should ask. With that, you need to check the specs and features so that you can rest assured of what to expect when you have ordered your product. What is the capacity and type of the battery? Here, you need to check the capacity of the battery both in Voltage and in Amperes. Then, you can check on the battery type since they come in different types.


Weight is another feature that you must know before you order for any trimmer. The best string trimmers come with compact and lightweight so that it can be easy to manage when using it. It should not be too heavy or bulky, and that is one of the considerations that you should make so that you can have the best string trimmer that is easy to manage.

Speed control

You might need to operate at different speeds so that you can achieve your trimming fast enough. Therefore, you must check for the same feature about the speed control to find out whether the product or rather the trimmer has the same capability or not.

Height adjustment

Your height is not my height, and we should enjoy the same comfort that comes with the string trimmer. Therefore, it is only possible when you have a trimmer that comes with height adjustment feature. It will enable you to enjoy the trimmer from the comfort of your height without having to strain yourself.





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