Top 10 Best Deadbolts in 2020 Reviews – Buying Guide

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All of us want to have maximum security in our houses. Whether present or away from your home, you want to be at peace, confident that you are safe from burglars and unwanted guests. There are a variety of deadbolts out there, each with its’ own unique features all with the aim of keeping you and your house safe. Later in this article, you will have a variety of the top 10 best deadbolt reviews.

Before that, we need to mention that, best deadbolts are crafted for doors in the house, for instance bathroom or kitchen doors and doors used to gain access into the premises. A common feature with most deadbolts, they can be opened by a key or knob. They are highly resistant to any kind of force owing to the hard material used to make the lock.

10. LockState Deadbolt

You don’t have to fumble through your pockets and bags with this one. It has a key-less range and can be locked or unlocked remotely. It has 6 pin codes of 4 – 10 digit pass-codes. The keypad lights up making it easy to enter when it is dark. After five wrong pass-code entries the lock disables for 45 seconds. This is a good and a bad thing because anyone authorized or unauthorized can access the house.

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9. Master Lock Deadbolt

It has a tough coating that keeps it from bacterial and mold damage. Has proven its strength despite the simplicity that comes with it. This lock is quite easy to install. In as little as fifteen minutes, whether it’s a handyman or yourself, the simple design of this lock makes it extremely easy to fix in.

The Master lock being one of the best deadbolts has a night watch mode feature that aims to keep people out. No keys can be used to unlock it from outside therefore ensuring total security.

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8. Yale Deadbolt

Here is yet another of the best deadbolts with modern lock that is easy on the eyes and built to provide maximum security. Blends in stylishly with your home decor. Regardless of whether your door frames are made of wood or metal, this lock works just fine on either frame. You can fix it as a replacement or in addition to other locks.


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7. Lion locks Deadbolt

This is one of the best deadbolts that fits on all doors, has a protective coating that keeps off bacteria, mildew and other damaging properties. Ordinary locks may give in if one uses a crowbar or knife to get it to open but with this one, let’s just say they are out of luck. Its deadbolt mechanism is full proof.

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6. Schlage Deadbolt

Single cylinder, double cylinder, touchscreen key-less locks, take your pick. The Schlage deadbolts come in all kinds. They are long lasting and built precisely to serve your security needs. You only need a screwdriver to quickly plug it in. Works uniquely to protect you from forced entry. You are not required to drill new holes when installing, if you are changing from another deadbolt lock to this one you can go ahead.


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5. Nuset Deadbolt

Is compatible with left or right hand doors. However, if used on gates and other exposed doors where it can come into contact with rain and snow, over time the longevity of this lock is highly compromised. You are encouraged to use this lock for inside doors.


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4. Code-a-key Deadbolt

This locks’ design helps reduce the risk of being locked out after losing your keys. Be sure to have this lock fitted in a door frame that is intact. If your frame is lose or weak, it makes it easy for anyone seeking forceful entry to do just that by kicking the door down.

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3. Medeco Deadbolt

These locks are pick proof, bump proof and tamper proof. They are strong and durable offering you service for a very long time. A point of note is that you can’t have duplicates for this lock without authorization from the manufacturer. Different Medeco locks have different keying systems. This way you are unable to use the same key for different Medeco locks.

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2. Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt

This brand avails to us one of the best deadbolts that are a staple in households all over the world. Improvements have been incorporated on these locks over time to guarantee optimum security for your home.

They are suitable for exterior doors. You can choose double sided or one sided key locks depending on your preference and function of the door.

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1. Kwikset Deadbolt

The best deadbolt that is easy to use while simultaneously offering the highest level of security. It can be locked and unlocked using a key if you are coming from outside or using a turn button if you are coming from inside the house. Comes with a smart re-key technology therefore granting the owner of the premises authority on who enters. Has an appealing look for those who don’t want to compromise on style. In case you misplace or lose your keys, this deadbolt has a re-key feature that provides a simple set of instructions to help you get a new key. This way you don’t have to endure the inconvenience of having to replace the whole lock.

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Therefore, with the best deadbolts available on this guide, you can’t just miss a perfect choice for yourself.