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Top 10 Best Electric Garden Tillers in 2020 Reviews

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The best electric garden tillers can mean the difference between bountiful yield and not so bountiful yield. This important tool ensures the soil is conducive before planting and after harvest. Successful planting requires a good amount of effort and garden tillers go a long way in ensuring that there are no disappointments experienced.

Here is an in-depth review regarding the top ten best electric garden tillers that you can consider:

Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller

This machine is very light and is built to give optimum results when it comes to tilling. It cuts up to 8 inches deep, has two 6 inch wheels and allows a good grip on the handle for effortless maneuverability. It is powered by a powerful 8amp motor that starts and stops at the press of a button. This Earthwise tiller works smoothly, quickly and produces minimal noise. By far the best electric garden tillers for all your landscaping, or lawn gardening needs.

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Earthwise TC70016 Electric Tiller

This bigger version of the Earthwise garden tiller allows for larger coverage, higher speed and long hours of service. What with 6 adjustable tines and a 13.5 amp electric mortar, this tilling machine is what you need to satisfy all your weeding, composting and planting needs. Despite its size, this machine is also quite easy to store. In just one pass, even the hardest packed soil is instantly tilled to provide for the easy distribution of air and water into the soil.

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Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller

A one of a kind piece of equipment that is easy on the eye, powerful and comes with unique features. This machine’s 12amp motor easily propels 6 tines to cut 8 inches deep and 16 inches wide. This hence translates to wider coverage and less time spent gardening. It is precise in doing its job and in a short while your tilling is done. Additionally, this electric tiller comes with a cord which allows you to use the machine while still connected to a power source.

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Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller

This machine makes for the best electric garden tillers for simple tilling purposes. Want to weed your small to midsized gardens or till the flower beds? Then the Sun Joe TJ600E electric tiller is your best bet. Owing to its smaller size, it works quickly and is designed with collapsible handles, which can fit in smaller storage spaces once you are done. This tilling machine is fully electric meaning no gas or oil spills and easier maintenance.

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Green Works 10 Inch Electric Tiller

If you are looking for a lightweight machine that is easy to work with, then this is it. The green works tiller does a precise job and is powerful enough to keep running for long durations without breaking down or malfunctioning. It is designed with foldable handles that make it easy to transport and store. With two pairs of 8-inch tines that rotate forward, you are guaranteed top-notch tilling with no need for second passes over the soil.

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Mantis 2-Cycle 7920 Electric Tiller

The Mantis electric tiller is a compact machine that you can depend on for all your small scale gardening needs. Its tines cut 10 inches deep into the soil and 9 inches wide. Designed with amazing versatility, you can turn this machine to serve different gardening purposes such as Mowing, plowing, dethatching and aerating simply by loading respective attachments onto the machine. This machine requires oil and gas mix system to keep it running.

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Mantis 4-cycle 7940 Electric Tiller

This powerful, gas only machine is every gardener’s dream. Weighing 24 pounds and with tines that run at a speed of 240 rpm, gardening becomes enjoyable and rewarding. It works as expected and is built with simple throttle controls that allow you to manage the speed at which you want to work with however high or low. With simple and proper maintenance, this is the best electric garden tiller capable of serving you and your family for generations.

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Von Haus 12.5 Inch Electric Tiller

Designed with a convenient cut out function that keeps the blades out of damages’ way this tilling machine clearly sets itself aside from the rest. It comes with handles that ease movement and ensure firm grip and control. Whether you are breaking new ground or leveling a previously cultivated piece of land, the Von Haus tillers are the best electric garden tillers for this and various other functions. It weighs 20 lbs. and comes with a 15.7-inch power chord.

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Troy Bilt TB146 Electronic Tiller

This machines’ six steel tines are built to satisfy any shallow tilling needs for your flower bed or lawn. With an adjustable tilling width of between 6 to 12 inches and a tilling depth of 5 inches, the soil is well cultivated to facilitate successful planting. It incorporates jump-start technology which means instant powering of this tilling machine. This as opposed to using power chords which can at times be a hassle.

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Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ604E Tilling Machine

Superseding all expectations is this beautiful machine that is one among few of the best electric garden tillers capable of completing even the most ambiguous tasks. It comes with a built-in powerful 13.5 amp motor that propels the tines at a speed of 370 rpm. Feel free to adjust the wheels in the three different set positions to suit your tilling purposes. In addition, move the wheels higher or lower according to your height in order to facilitate comfort while working your garden.

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Things to Consider before Buying an Electric Garden Tiller

There are hundreds of different electric garden tillers available for purchase in the market. But how do you know which one won’t disappoint but will instead be the right fit for all your gardening needs? Here are a few pointers for you to consider prior to making a purchase;

The weight of the tilling machine

The best electric garden tillers should be lightweight ranging from between 30 pounds to 100 pounds. It goes without saying that if the machine is meant to be frequently used by a petite bodied person then the lighter, the better. Heavy tilling machines tend to require more muscle effort and can be hard to control and maneuver. As a result, this can lead to a less pleasurable gardening experience.

Size of land patch

The larger your piece of land, the more powerful the tilling machine needs to be. For gardens that are 5000 square feet in size or larger, opt for a tilling machine with an engine yielding six horsepower or more. Alternatively, for a smaller patch of 1,500 square feet or less, the best electric garden tillers for a mini-tiller which may be less powerful but good enough to cultivate your small sized flower garden or front lawn.

Garden tiller design

Most buyers often go for the piece of gardening equipment that catches their eyes attention first. All while foregoing the crucial factor of design which can in one way or another make or break your gardening experience. Tilling machines incorporate different designs. For instance, certain machines have counter rotating tines others have rear tires, while some have front tines. While all these have their perks, the best electric garden tillers come featuring rear tines. This way you don’t end up running over freshly cultivated soil with the wheels used to move the machine forward.

The intended use of tilling machine

The type of soil, size of land and nature of land significantly impacts the decision on which type of tiller to purchase. Compact and dry clay soil requires you to have a bigger and more powerful piece of equipment especially if this is a patch that hasn’t been cultivated before. On the other hand, medium-sized tillers are the best for medium sized pieces of land which carry sandy or loam soils. Bigger machines allow for certain attachments that can be loaded to help counter tough soil. The smaller machines also allow for attachments but can only satisfy simple functions like weeding or cultivating on course soil.

Storage of the machine

When looking to purchase an electric garden tiller, one has to remember to factor in the amount of storage space required. Some machines can be big and powerful but yet have features that allow for adjustments. Such adjustments include detachable parts that mean that the machine occupies less space than it would when stored whole. Others have bars that make it possible to hang securely on the garage walls for those without enough space on the garage floor. While requiring minimal maintenance, this machine should be cleaned well after use to remove all the stuck soil and dirt. In addition, the tines should be patted dry to prevent damage and to keep them working in good condition.

With the above ideas, choosing and purchasing the best electric garden tillers is not going to be such a far cry but instead a smooth and rewarding journey for you.

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