Top 5 Best Expensive & Luxurious Watches for Men in 2020 Reviews

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Watches have changed purpose and unlike in the past where people bought the same for keeping time, nowadays things have shifted and you can find most men wearing watches do not even bother to use them for the primary purpose that it serves. Nowadays it is portrays the kind of personality that you are and the class that you belong. If the watches were for keeping time, then we would not have men wearing the same since they have got phones that can serve the same purpose. Now you know. In this review, we will take you through the most expensive watches for men reviews so that you can make your choice right if you are not here for adventure.

We have arranged our guide in descending order and that means you will find the most expensive watch first and in that order. Therefore, you are free to read through this guide and get your best watch without strain.

Millage Flying 3826 Tourbillion Watch

This is the first watch that we can say is one of the most expensive watches for men and if you can afford it, it is worth the value. Some features that make this watch expensive include the winding tourbillion feature, 165FT water resistant, the genuine alligator leather strap, the sapphire crystal feature, and the 18K rose gold plating among other features. It is the best expensive watch that we found on the market and if you want to elevate your class and personality, then you can acquire it. It can also serve to be one of the best gift ideas for women during the valentine season. If you can gift to your man this expensive watch, then you know what you are investing in.


Patek Philippe Grand Complication Platinum Watch

You know what platinum costs. If not, you can check out. You will be surprised to find that it is more expensive than gold. This platinum watch is one of the best expensive watches for men or what I will call the luxurious watch of the year. You will also notice that expensive watches are rare and not found in plenty. Therefore, if you like it, don’t be hesitant since you might not find it another time. It features 37.2mm platinum case, the interchangeable sapphire black, sunburst that is ebony black, and ultra-thin self-winding movement.


Rolex Daytona Cosmograpgh Platinum Watch

This is another rocking brand of the best expensive watches for men. You will find this type with great reviews from satisfied users and that portrays the image and the reputation that they have given to them. In fact, if you want to command respect, then you need to elevate your class and personality by acquiring this luxurious watch. It comes with a blue dial, classy design and appearance, and perpertual cosmograph among other great features.


Rolex Cosmograpgh Daytona Platinum Watch

Just like the previous product, this also come with excellent features that makes it one of the best luxurious watches for men and hence is what you need to elevate your level. With 40mm 950 platinum case, you can know why it is one of the expensive watches. The other features of this watch include the chestnut brown monobloc-Cerachrom bezel, push buttons, chromalight appliques on the hands, the self-winding, and waterproof feature that reaches to 100-meters. Of course, there are so many features that make this watch one of the best expensive brand on the market.

Rolex Day-Date II 41-President Platinum Watch

This platinum watch comes with a diamond dial and that is what makes it the best expensive watch for men. Being the most expensive watch, it is about class and not just a timepiece watch. The classy design and quality features is the make of this product. The watch shows day and date and is what make it the best on the market. Most of the users report great satisfaction from this watch and is then your turn to join the bandwagon and enjoy the value that this watch has in store.


With the most expensive watches above, I cannot tell you about the choice that you can make since you have a different taste and preference from me. Therefore, get yourself one of the luxurious watches above and elevate your class and personality to the next higher level.

Things to consider when buying men’s expensive watches

Buying an expensive watch is no longer a matter of checking on the price. However, you just need to confirm and compare the prices so that if you are to go for the most expensive watch, then you can know which one is the best. Some of the main considerations that you need to make should include the type of metal used to make the watch. Here, you can have some watches with golden untreated metals, some with platinum metal design, and some with diamond untreated.

The other thing to consider when buying an expensive watches or watch is the overall design and color finish. It may sound as if it is not an important thing to check but you would want to ensure that everything is right from the appearance to functionality.

Is it a quartz or mechanical? this is another thing to ask before you can get to acquire any of the watches. Therefore, you need to know every aspect of the watch so that you cannot come to regret the choice that you are about to make. For normal priced luxurious watches for men, you can check on the best watches for men reviews and from there, you can make your choice.