Top 5 Best Expensive Luxury Watches for Men & Women in 2020 Reviews

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As you will notice, the watches that we have are not just timepiece items. They are meant for class and for people who value their personality. For men and women who want to elevate their class or to maintain it. For everyone who can afford to spend on the same luxury, and obviously for the celebrity guys not to mention politicians who want to command a high class value on themselves. To cut the story short, we have done enough research on luxury and expensive watches and this article will avail to you the top 5 best expensive luxury watches for men & women so that you can just pick a choice that belongs to you.


1. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5204P-010 Men’s Watch

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Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5204P-010 Men’s Watch as it sounds is actually one of the most expensive luxury watches and this type belongs to men. The watch comes with extra-ordinary features that makes it worth the value it commands. The white dial, the grade ratings of 93, and mechanical hand-wind-movement are just but the features that we can highlight about this luxurious watch.

2. Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Classique Watch

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This is another of the most expensive luxury watches that commands respect whenever you wear it. The watch is made from quality and high value metals such as platinum bezel and silver dial. Of course, the watch is authenticated by WatchFacts and with a rating of 97. The other feature that you will notice is the mechanical hand-wind-movement just like in the previous watch. Therefore, if you want to acquire one of the most expensive luxury watches, then this is just one of the choices to make.

3. Audemars Piguet Millenary Women’s Watch

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Perhaps you are a woman celeb or just looking for the most luxurious watch to gift to your girlfriend. Of course, this type will just melt her heart if you can afford. It is one of the most expensive luxury watches available and with a design that is only suitable for women. The features include the mechanical hand-wind-movement, and mother-of-pearl dial among other extra-ordinary features. Therefore, this is the best luxury watch for celebrity and women who want to higher their standards.

4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Men’s Watch

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Just looking into the features, this watch is just worth it. It comes with mega tapisserie dial, luminous hands, Arabic hour makers, and an eye-catching tourbillion. The other features that we have to mention is the black leather strap, water resistant nature, and other specs that gives you a peace of mind whenever you have it on your hand. Of course, there are so many details and other things that we haven’t mentioned about the watch since we can’t just exhaust them. Therefore, you can check on every aspect before you can make your purchase.

5. Audemars Piguet Women’s Watch

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Here is another type of the most expensive luxury watches for women that comes under this review. Perhaps you have noticed that we only have reviewed one before and this is the second and the last on this list. Therefore, as a women, you need to elevate your class and get yourself this luxury watch that comes when you need it. The watch is just attractive from the view of it and is all to do with the modifications, quality and value of the materials used during its manufacture, and stylish design that suits women. Some features just to mention include the pink dial and mechanical hand-wind-movement among the other precious and extra-ordinary features.

As we mentioned, the watches nowadays are not just a chronometer as it ceased to be long time back. It is a show of prestige, social status, success, and a hallmark of interpersonal relations.

Therefore, you need to have yourself one of the most expensive luxury watches above as a sign of honor to yourself and for elevating your personality, showing of your success, social status, or for prestige. You can also check on the best smart watches for men and thereafter make an informed decision.




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