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Top 10 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards in 2020 Reviews

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Paddleboarding is fast becoming the go-to activity for many people out to have a good time. This relatively new water sport has significantly risen in popularity and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are a newbie in paddle boarding, you need not worry. This amazing sport is very easy to learn. Preferred that you have good balance, in mere minutes you will be having the time of your life. It works for a good outdoor activity that does amazingly rids of stress while giving you a slow workout. Here are the top 10 best inflatable paddle boards that you can consider;

SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Boards

A good paddle board goes a long way in enhancing your paddle boarding experience. It must give superb service and be able to stay in good condition for years. The SereneLife inflatable standup paddleboard can give you just that and so much more. It has bottom fins that help maintain speed and stability safe for any kid, teen or adult. Its topcoat layer is soft but yet made to have non-slip features. This helps to minimize accidents or injuries when paddling on the water.

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Atoll Inflatable Paddle Boards

Who wouldn’t want to keep fit while simultaneously having the time of their life? The Atoll boards are the best inflatable paddle boards to ensure you have fun, keep your muscles sharp and body fit all at the same time. You will notice that it is very light in weight compared to other paddle boards. This owing to the dual PVC layer that renders it up to 40% lighter than other paddle boards in the same category. It has a sleek design and easily deflates to fit in a backpack providing for easy storage and transportation.

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iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Boards

Known to offer extreme stability and years of service, this paddleboard comes in attractive colors that are easy on the eye. It is only able to bear up to 435 lbs. in weight. It is capable of going just as fast as a non-inflatable paddleboard with the perk being that it weighs only half as much. It comes with a paddle that is made of fiberglass in the continuance of the lightweight theme. The best inflatable paddle boards for anyone be they experienced or mildly experienced.

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Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards

Made of high military grade PVC, the Tower best inflatable paddle boards can tough out any kind of hard impact while on water. Inflate it up to 10 PSI and you are good to go, but if you want extra inflation, this paddleboard can go up to 15 PSI. It comes with a three-piece adjustable paddle that than fold in to allow for easier storage and transportation along with the deflated paddle board.  It ensures maximum safety for you thanks to the soft and accommodating top deck that keeps you more on the board than off.

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PEAK Inflatable Paddle Boards

This paddle board may seem smaller in size but its capabilities are gigantic. It is rigid and extra stable on water and is built to accommodate everyone independent of age or skill level. Re-discover your love for the outdoors and let go. The PEAK paddle boards are the best inflatable paddle boards out in the market that can guarantee a good time for you and your friends. They are designed with a non-slip top layer that grips your feet to discourage slipping and falling.

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iROCKER CRUISER Inflatable Paddle Boards

Its unique wide tail design allows for increased stability while its long nature facilitates effortless tracking on water. It incorporates the rear handle and center carry handle to promote easy transporting of the paddle board when inflated. It also has space for attachments or modifications such as a kayak seat. If you are looking for versatility, then look no further, this is the best inflatable paddle board for you.

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ISLE Surf Inflatable Paddle Boards

Complete your quest for adventure with this unique piece of equipment that does everything to meet and surpass all expectation. This paddleboard is unique in both design and function. It has bungee systems that allow for carriage of extra gear. It incorporates high technology that makes the board stiffer and more durable yet almost weightless compared to other paddle boards. This inflatable paddle board re-defines quality and raises standards to another whole new level.

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Pathfinder Inflatable Paddle Board

Constructed to precision and comes with attractive colors that catch everyone’s attention. It measures 9 ft. 9 Inches long, 30 Inches wide and 5 Inches thick. It is designed with a single fin and has a bungee tie down that allows for extra cargo space when paddling on the water. It accommodates a wide range of water use and different conditions. Use it on the ocean or river, to pass time or to cross from one point or another. These are the best inflatable paddle boards for that one who is looking for an all-purpose piece of equipment.

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ISLE Airtech Inflatable Paddle Boards

Whether you want to surf on small waves, flat water or river runs, these are the best inflatable paddle boards for you. It can carry weights of up to 240 pounds and is quite resistant to damage on impact. It is made of highly resistant military grade material which means that you can use it for years and years without it tearing and wearing off. It features a removable fin and comes with a repair kit.

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Solstice Inflatable
Paddle Boards

Made for speed, the Solstice inflatable paddle boards come second to none. They are designed with 3 ply PVC fabric that is tough enough to resist damage on impact and light enough to ensure easy storage and movement. Surf in style with this paddle board and enjoy your new found attention. This inflatable paddle board complements your overall look and keeps you safe and balanced at all times when out in the water. It gives you years of service and dependability rendering it a good investment for your outdoor escapades.

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Things to consider before buying an inflatable paddle board

Paddleboarding can be quite enjoyable whether you are doing it for fun or fitness. Note however that not all paddleboards are made the same. These boards are made from different types of material and come in all sizes, shapes, and forms. It can be difficult to choose the right paddle board especially if you have limited experience in the sport. So, before buying any type of paddle board, here are some things to tick off your list of considerations;

The thickness of the paddle board

The best inflatable paddleboards need to be thicker than the non-inflatable paddle boards. This gives the boards’ greater ability to float regardless of how much human weight is placed on top. The standard thickness recommended for the best inflatable paddle boards is 6 Inches. Any thickness below 6 Inches will feel very unstable in the water.

The width of the paddle board

This may differ depending on whether one is experienced in paddle boarding or if one is a newbie. Professional paddleboarders can get away with less width. This is because they need to be able to cut through water faster. Here they only need a width of 28 inches or even less. On the other hand, beginners may find wider paddle boards to be the most accommodating. A paddleboard width of 31 inches or more is good enough to provide the desired stability whether one is seated, lying flat or standing.

Length of the paddle board

The longer the paddle board is, the harder it is to make turns on the water. Longer paddle boards, however, are also much faster. Professional surfers and racers choose paddle boards that are longer because they are going for speed and have gathered tricks to use if they need to make turns while racing. The best inflatable paddle boards for racers are within the range of 8 ft. to 10 ft. long. For newbies and mildly experienced paddle boarders, the best inflatable paddle boards are between 10 ft. and 12 ft. long.

The durability of the paddle board

The best inflatable paddle board needs to be made of tough material. Material that can tough out the forces of waves and any hard surfaces in the water. The best boards are made using Urethane which is the same as that used to make rafts. They are strong and impressively resistant to hard surfaces such as sandy shores or grinding over rocks especially when one is paddling on a river.

Your own weight and height

Of utter importance is to factor in your height and weight before making a purchase for the best inflatable paddle boards. Each paddle board can only carry certain maximum weight. The height and weight capacity of each paddleboard is usually indicated on the back or somewhere on the surface of the board. Be sure to check these indications to be sure that the paddleboard you’ve settled on can carry your weight and is suitable enough for your height.

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