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Top 6 Best Lego Table Reviews in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

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Lego tables or activity play tables are so useful in enhancing motor skill development of the kids. These kinds of tables have been designed differently to suit play and other uses such as reading among other uses. They are also designed to be used with different blocks such as the Duplo blocks among other major brands. If you are looking for the best Lego table on the market, we have done our research and come up with the best that you can pick from. You will notice that come with chairs and storage while others do not. Therefore, you need to pick the one that fulfills your needs.

UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Play Table

UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Play Table comes with storage drawers and appealing texture. It is one of the best-selling products due to its design and quality. Of course, if you are looking for the best Lego table with storage for your kids, this would be a worthwhile option.

It is largely made of wood and with espresso finish thus makes it an attractive play table that you cannot avoid. One of the benefits of this wonderful kids table is that it can last for long due to the strong wooden construction. when it comes to suitability, it is the best for kids that are over one years old.


  • Two storage drawers for convenient storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Largely made of wood and durable.
  • Elegant espresso finish.

KidKraft 2 in 1 Activity Table

This is another worthwhile option that you can have for your kids. When it comes to construction and materials, KidKraft 2 in 1 Activity Table is made of MDF T molding melamine and is a durable product to last for years. The product features rounded corners to make it safe for the playful kids.

This table comes with a board and 195 building bricks and is available in different colors to suit the needs of each and every kid. It also looks smart with the 2-sided playing surface.


  • Suitable for the beginners.
  • Durable construction and lasts for years.
  • Looks elegant and available in different colors.
  • Comes with instructions and is easy to assemble.
  • features rounded corners to make it safe for the kids.

Humble Crew Plastic Activity Table

This round kids’ activity table comes in attractive blue, red, and green colors and is compatible with Duplo blocks and plastic building blocks. The other thing you need to know about Humble Crew Plastic Activity Table is that it comes with 2 chairs.

Humble Crew Plastic Activity Table is one of the best choices to pick for your kids as it is also affordable and valuable. This Lego table is a rare brand that is durable and is easy to clean. In addition to that, Humble Crew Plastic Activity Table is 10 inches high and is the best for kids’ bedroom, living room, or playroom.


  • Duplo blocks compatible.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable construction.
  • 10-inches high.
  • Building blocks storage area.
  • Comes with 2 chairs.

UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Multi-Activity Table

Here comes another UTEX brand that also features excellent design and construction among other beautiful features. This UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Multi-Activity Table is indeed the best Lego table that come with 2 chairs and storage area for the building blocks.

This table is not just for play but is a versatile design that kids can use for reading, or relaxing. The table is made durable with the wooden legs and thus can last for years. In addition to that, the table is compatible with most of the brand blocks.


  • Versatile design to suit many activities.
  • Elegant espresso finish.
  • Durable construction.
  • Compatible with most building blocks.
  • Comes with 2 chairs and storage.

YouHi Kids Activity Table

If you are looking for the best Lego table for the kids that are over 3 years old, then YouHi Kids Activity Table would be the option to consider. This table comes with excellent design and construction and is a durable product that can last. One of the benefits that come with this table is that it enhances the kids’ imagination and motor skill development.

YouHi Kids Activity Table is the best for various uses at home by the kids and suits living room, or kids’ room among other places. The table is easy to assemble and to clean. The other thing about YouHi Kids Activity Table is the quality construction that utilizes pine wood, and also looks elegant.


  • Large storage area.
  • Smooth arc edges for safety.
  • versatile table for various uses.
  • Easy to assemble and to clean.
  • Best for kids over 3 years of age.
  • Large for multiple number of children to play at once.

Prextex Kids Lego Table with Chairs

If you are looking for the best Lego table with chairs, then Prextex Kids Lego Table is an excellent choice to consider. This product features double-sided table top and that makes it versatile. Prextex Kids Lego Table is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use and thus is an excellent choice for every kid.

The other thing that we should not forget about this play table is the suitability for water and sand play. In addition to that, Prextex Kids Lego Table comes in adorable design and with vibrant color choice that makes it attractive for the children.


  • Suitable for water and sand play.
  • 5-in-1 design to suit craft, water, bricks, and Car roads.
  • Compatible with most bricks.
  • Double-sided and versatile.
  • Comes with 2 chairs.

How to Choose the Best Lego Table

When buying a Lego or activity play table, it is not just a matter of buying but you need to ensure that you are buying the right brand and the right choice. On the list above, we have picked the best products on the market based on a number of factors that you should also consider including the following:

Consumer feedback

One of the most important things to check when buying play table for the kids is the reviews from the users who have already bought the product. You may not want to be the first one to make a bad review of a product that would otherwise give you a bad experience. Therefore, before you go to your pocket, it is important to check on the feedback from other consumers.

Age of the child

Another consideration that you should make before buying any Lego table is the age of your child. The table should be comfortable for your child and you should pick the one that is within the age range of your child.

Safety design

This should be a number one priority for every caring parent. You should not just buy any other table. First, you need to ensure that it is safe since the kids are so playful that they need to be taken care of by choosing the safe product. Here, you need to look at the edges and make sure that the table that you pick comes with smooth edges and not sharp ones.

Chairs and storage

If you are looking for the best Lego table with chairs or storage, you will need to ensure that you check whether the table comes with the same features. Some come with large storage while others do not even have storage and is a good practice to first understand the type of the table that you are about to buy.

Block compatibility

In addition to the features that we have mentioned, you will also need to check on the compatibility of the table with your brands’ type blocks. Most of the tables, especially the ones that we have picked are compatible with most popular brand blocks such as Duplo among others. Therefore, you should check the compatibility if that is your concern.