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Top 7 Best Solar Backpack Chargers in 2020 | Buyers’ Guide

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If you are planning for a day-trip, camping, hiking, or any other travel, you need not to worry about where you are going to charge your devices. You need to acquire yourself one of the best solar backpack chargers among the ones that we have compiled below. Rest assured that you are not going to regret the choice that you make using this guide since we take everything into consideration before bringing up the list. Therefore, here are the top 7 best solar backpack chargers:

1. ECEEN Solar Hiking Backpack

If you are planning for camping, vacation, or road trip, you need to have the right accessories for you. Here comes one of the best solar backpacks to add on to the convenience that you will need when you are out of touch with your home power sockets. You would be able to charge your phones, tablets, or laptops with the help of the solar power that you tap with your backpack. ECEEN Solar Hiking Backpack comes with 7-watts solar panel, is portable, and hence making it suitable for the outdoor adventures. Therefore, this is the best hiking solar backpack that you need for your outdoor trips.

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2. ALLPOWERS Solar Backpack

This backpack comes with amazing features making it one of the adorable backpack chargers that you need for your devices. You don’t have to run short of power when you can manage everything with your backpack. The backpack comes with the built-in 7-watt solar panel and is thus a three-in-one product. It is a solar panel, a power bank, and at the same time a storage gear. It is suitable for any outdoor trip such as hiking, camping, and for emergency travel. Therefore, you ought to have one of these solar backpack chargers.

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3. Fanspack Solar Laptop Backpack

This backpack is just adorable from the outward appearance. It is an awesome gear that you need for your trips. There is a great benefit to gain when you have this awesome gear since it comes with detachable solar panel charger, high-quality oxford cloth material for durability, padded shoulder straps that are adjustable for comfortable travel, lightweight design, and the large capacity to accommodate all your devices. Therefore, this is one of the best solar backpack chargers for your day-trip, school, camping, or any other travel purpose.

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4. EnerPlex Packr Solar Powered Backpack

Another awesome solar-powered backpack is here. The product comes with excellent features that make it sell on the market. There is a solar power charger with 3-watts, and with the capacity to deliver 5V, and a USB port that serves for direct charging while you are traveling. It is light for portability, comes with 2-side pockets, padded back, and two main pockets. One of the pockets serves as a laptop compartment. This backpack is, therefore, a suitable choice that is worth your needs.

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5. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

If you want to have the best solar-powered backpack charger with stylish design and durability, this is one of the choices to make. It comes with 7-watts solar power panel, 10K mAh battery, and large capacity space for your items. The backpack is versatile and that makes it suitable for sports, school, camping, and any other need that you may want to put into. It also comes with micro USB cables for the purpose of enhancing the convenience that you need for charging your devices.

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6. ECEEN Hiking Backpack

This is one of the dominant brands when it comes to the solar backpacks. It comes with amazing quality backpacks that you will always admire for your travel. The 7-watt solar panel that is built-in with this backpack with the fine quality materials, ultra-lightweight, and the large capacity space, this is indeed one of the best solar backpack chargers for different travel needs. You can use it for your camping, school, sports, or any other need that may arise. With it also, you can be able to charge a large variety of devices from your phones to GoPro cameras.

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7. ECVILLA Hiking Solar Dayback

The appearance just looks fantastic. With this solar backpack charger, you will be in a position to charge with it all your devices including your smartphones to cameras. The backpack is lightweight and comes with comfortable straps that make traveling with it a breeze. There is high energy conversion made possible by the high-quality solar panel. Therefore, you can easily harness your power as you travel. The waterproof nylon fabric is another feature that makes this product one of the best solar backpack chargers. Therefore, this is your backpack choice that is worth to acquire.

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Using this guide, you will never mess with making your decision. You have all the best solar backpack chargers to choose from and with that, you can rest assured that the choice that you will make will never be a disappointment.

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