Best Way To Solve Your Hair Problems With Virgin Hair Extensions

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When it comes to your appearance you always make sure that your hair and makeup are fine. There are so many ways to change your look by trying out some new hair color or a haircut. But with all these hairstyling ways, here comes the hair problems like thin hair, hair loss that is also known as alopecia. With all these hair problems, many women lose their confidence and happiness. Despite trying out various home remedies for hair growth, it might not give you the instant result that you want for your hair. So, in such situations, hair extensions and wigs play important roles. There’s no shame of using a hair topper, wigs, or extensions to hide your hair problem because trust me no one will ever figure it out. Yes, that’s true. These extensions are pure virgin hair extensions which means it is 100% human hair, so it will give natural-looking hair and perfectly blends with your natural hair. As these extensions are beautifully crafted and installed by professionals, this can easily bring your confidence back and it looks so natural that no one you ever figure it out.

There are some transformational looks of women that felt their confidence back after they have tried one of the Virgin hair extensions. Despite any problems like fine hair, thin hair, or damaged hair, these extensions are available for all types of issues. The best thing is it can be customized according to your hair type, head size, and other additional things that you want. You can have a short wavy hairstyle look with voluminous hair and coverage, all these are possible with the virgin hair extensions.

There are different types of Virgin Hair Extensions:

Depending on the length and texture of your hair, some particular virgin hair extensions are the best of particular hair problems and hair texture. In this case, professional experts come in. They will suggest to you the right extensions according to your problems.

1. Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the permanent hair extensions and are a very popular choice for all women who face thin hair problems and for good reason; they look amazing and last a long time at least for 5-8moths. Isn’t it great? This extension has to be installed by a professional hairstylist who is an expert in this. If the installation is not properly done then it might not last for that longer period. They are relatively fast to apply and to remove at the salon by an expert.

These extensions won’t damage your natural hair. With tape-in extensions, you can add both volume and length to your hair at the same time. It perfectly blends with your natural hair and doesn’t easily come out. You can do all your daily routine work and activities like bathing, water sports, etc. without thinking much about it.

But you have to take care of certain things so that the tape-in extensions don’t get damaged:

  • Don’t start brushing your hair from the roots like you normally do with your natural hair. If you start with the roots it might loosen up the tape-ins, so it’s better to start from the ends of your hair.
  • Don’t try to detangle your hair extensions with your natural hair as that will be a mass of hair and it will just become more difficult to do it. Try to spread your hair first with the extensions.
  • Shampoo your hair gently as you can remove these tape-in extensions while washing your hair so you have to be very gentle while doing it.
  • Don’t blow-dry your hair as it will make the extensions dry and rough. It will lose all its nourishment and moisturizer from the hair extensions.
  • Try to wrap your whole hair with satin or silk scarf before sleeping as it will prevent the hair from getting more tangle and damage

2. Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in Hair Extension is another type of permanent hair extensions that last for 3-4 months depending on the growth of your hair. Your natural hair is braided first into a small separate track of hair then the hair extensions are sewn into it. These Permanent sew-in extensions cost less than other treatments but it is expensive than other hair extensions as it is more time taking and more hard work required for the installation.

The stylists sew around strands of your natural hair to attach it to the long track of new hair using a fine needle and thread. Not all sew-in extensions require to braid first as it will depend on the volume and texture of your hair. If you have extra thick hair, then you don’t need to keep your hair braided into cornrows to apply for the sew-in extensions. Nowadays there are many different techniques to do. And it is worth it as it looks completely natural.

Most of the people using the term “hair weave” generally refer to permanent extensions sewn onto braids. The prices of these extensions vary depending on the length and the quality of hair that is used. It requires 6 to 10 tracks for a full-head weave, which may last for two months depending on the growth of the hair. It is advised that those with thinning hair problems should not get a traditional weave. This weave style is best for naturally thick hair.

3. Clip-in Extensions

The Virgin Clip-in hair extensions blend with your hair perfectly and don’t put minimal stress on your natural hair. These extensions can be easily applied and removed at home. Many brands offer clip-in hair extensions, clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytails, wigs, and Closure & frontals, hair toppers that are made with 100% human hair. These can be customized to match your hair color with your natural hair so that they blend right in. These clip-in extensions can also be applied for creating voluminous hairstyles like the gorgeous high ponytail updos that are used for adding volume to it or to enhance hair length. If you are struggling with thin hair, make sure you first take professional advice before choosing clip-in extensions because it might weaken your hair more with the pressure of clips.

4. Microbead hair extensions

Microbead is also known as micro-weave or beaded-weft extensions. This virgin hair extension works by using a metal crimp bead with a silicone lining that is the same color as the roots of the hair. Then it threads a small section of the client’s natural hair through the bead and they slide a small portion of the hair extension up through the bead so that it lays on top of your hair. They use pliers to crimp it shut. The bead rests completely flat against the head, making it blend perfectly with the natural hair.

So, these are some hair extensions that can solve your hair problems. As these are pure virgin hair will be more expensive than the non-Remy hair. But it is worth it to invest in these virgin hair extensions as it will last longer and the important thing is it will look completely natural. To cut off the expense, you can grab these extensions on special offers. As you know for permanent hair extensions you will require more than 2 bundles of hair, so what’s better than grabbing some hair bundle deals which will save your money and time as well. You won’t fall short of hair and you might get up to two installations done by getting hair bundles. So, before you purchase these extensions, don’t forget to check out the hair bundle sale that goes on every month.