Dangers of eating Excess onions- Why you need to take control!

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dangers of eating excess onions

There are over ten different varieties of onions. They include white onions, leeks, red onions, shallots, pearls, scallions, among others. Onions are essential because they form significant additions to our diet. Food would not taste the same or be as sweet without onions. Onions have over time proven to be extremely beneficial to our bodies.

The oxymoron here, however, is that if one eats too many onions, it may lead to certain adverse effects and health complications. Such include,

Medication interference

It is noted as a disclaimer on a certain medication that you should eat moderate to no onions. An example of such medications are those drugs used for blood thinning. Onions are known to help with the clotting of blood due to the presence of vitamin K. Onions, therefore, reverse the blood thinning functions of this medication. It is therefore imperative that one is vigilant about their intake of onions when taking the medication as mentioned earlier to avoid dangers like heart attacks and even strokes among other life-altering consequences.

Allergic reactions

Some people cannot eat any onions let alone excess onions because their bodies get rapid allergic reactions once they consume onions. This can be life-threatening or even turn fatal. It is advisable to keep off onions entirely if you are allergic to them.

Skin irritation

Onions can be used in place of an antiseptic to protect a wound or bruise from infection. Be careful though; certain people have sensitive skin that can get irritated when in contact with the natural juice produced by raw onions. In such instances, you find skin irritations like redness and itching occur.


Too many onions can cause excessive production of gas in our stomach. Onions contain fructose, a natural sugar that doesn’t break down easily during digestion, consequently this build-up may lead to bloating due to the formation of gas causing great discomfort.

Excess fiber

Fiber is good. It helps eliminate constipation by promoting better bowel movement. Fiber also helps reduce bad cholesterol while simultaneously promoting the body’s ability to retain good cholesterol otherwise known as LDL and HDL cholesterol respectively. However excess consumption of onions may lead to excess fiber which translates to complications such as a blockage in the intestines, bloating, cramping on joints, and diarrhea among others.


Moderate consumption of onions is very beneficial to the heart. On the other hand, however, those who tend to go overboard, more often than not complain of heartburn. This, owing to the increased acidic reactions brought about when you eat too many onions. The acid tends to overflow outside the stomach up to the chest area resulting in heartburn.

Excess potassium

Potassium serves to relax the veins which consequently helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body. This hence reduces the chances of one contracting hypertension or high blood pressure. In this case, Onions are a good thing and a bad thing. See when overeaten, onions can get the blood pressure running dangerously low. This could result in dizziness, fatigue, nausea and blurred vision while in a more serious case major organs including the brain, will not be receiving their much-needed circulation. This can result in very adverse effects.



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