How to earn money online

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Are you looking for legit ways on how to earn money online? Of course, I will take you through so many opportunities for earning money online. Whether you are already employed in a formal institution or organization, online work is not something that should make you resign. However, some have done so to maximize on the opportunities that they have tested and proved to work. There are so many testimonials out there who have become successful like me and I will just keep you on track so that you can choose what you would want to do to earn yourself a living.

But ‘how to earn money online’ has been a question that majority ask. This is the question that everyone would want to ask a successful online worker who is already established. First, I will just mention some of the things that you need to be an online worker. Some of the tools that you need in order to begin your journey of earning money online include the following:

  • Laptop/desktop
  • Strong internet connection
  • Passion

Now that you have all these things, you can now venture into online work. But how do I start? Most of the online beginners that I have met want to make their huge cash online within the first or two weeks. To be polite, you need to be patient enough to see yourself grow. It is like climbing on a ladder and hence you need to take all the steps.

Earning money online is not something that is neither hard nor easy. How to earn money online is a question that we are addressing and we cannot guarantee anything since the work and all decisions are based on what you are going to make after reading this article. There are so many challenges that you will encounter but if you are determined to overcome, you will see your breakthrough. Another hint is that earning money online is not a ‘get rich quick’ thing. You need to build from the scratch or start with the foundation. Depending on the type of work that you are involved in online, you can have different stories to tell.

Opportunities for earning money online

As I did mentioned, “how to earn money online” is the big question that we are addressing. There are so many opportunities for making money online and we can pick on the few that are legit so that later, you can make a decision on which one to venture in. I have had a chance to work online for some good number of years now and I understand every hill and pitfall. I understand every challenge and I will unmask them as we go along. Some of the opportunities that are available for everyone aspiring to make money online include:


Freelancing is one of the oldest and legit ways on how to earn money online and most of the people who work as writes earn a lot from this industry. With the growing digitization and modernization, the growth of the e-commerce industry, competition have taken a different shape. You will now find retailers and manufacturers selling their products through online means. This means there is someone giving them the best content for their sites and products.

There are so many freelancing sites and platforms and as I have done this for years now, some that I know include Upwork, Iwriter, Textbroker, and Hirewriters among others. I cannot just exhaust mentioning on the sites and platforms but we will reserve that for our next review. As an online writer, you can specialize on niches like content/blog writing, press release articles, news, guest posts, or eBooks among other things that you can write online. Therefore, freelancing will remain a goldmine for those who want to earn money online.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of earning money online and with this, you need to have a blog or site, a Facebook page with many followers, or any other social platform that you own. Being an affiliate marketer means you earn commission for the products that you advertise on your site. Depending on how you do it, this is a lucrative thing than even writing since you have no limit on the products that you can advertise. If you already have a site with a lot of traffic and you want to venture into this, then it will be a turnaround of your life. Here, you need to have copywriting skills, SEO, and marketing skills. Some of the big sites that you can sign up as an affiliate include Amazon, EBay, and Wallmart among the many others.

Web solutions

If you are an IT expert, there are so many opportunities awaiting for you online. This is another solution for anyone with the same skills and asking on how to earn money online. When you join platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, you will find a lot of people looking for web experts for different types of work such as web design, Logo design, app & software developments among many others. Therefore, if you have the skills, you can sign up with the sites that we have mentioned and start earning money online.

Data entry jobs

This is something that I have not tried myself but I have a little knowledge on it. Here, you are paid to input data in excel, or any other software. The data that you enter already exist and you just type and organize them according to the requirements. In other words, you are feeding the raw data into a computer for further analysis.

Blog adverts/ads

Whenever you open some sites, you see some of the ads popping up and requiring you to click on them for something that they advertise. These ads benefit the site or blog owner especially if the owner has a lot of traffic. Therefore, if you have a site that has got huge traffic and you are not earning from it, then you can convert that traffic into money when they click or by the impressions. Some of the common ads to sign for include AdSense and click bank among others. Of course, I will not limit you to the two since there are so many others that I will bring to you in our next review. In the meantime, you can research if you are curious to earn yourself immediately.

As I mentioned, these are just but the tip of the icebergs since we cannot just exhaust on the opportunities that are there for earning money online. Therefore, if you are passionate and want to earn money online, then you can choose one of the options among the ones that we have mentioned.



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