How to Keep Dogs Away from Your Yards

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It takes consistent hard work and massive resources to come up with, and maintain a beautiful yard. If you are a homeowner who has invested so much in their yards, you will do all you can to ensure the green grass and edges remain as green as they possibly can. The roaming puppies can destroy your lush lawn. You may not have dogs and would probably want to keep away a neighbor’s dogs. But even if you own dogs, you wouldn’t want to clean your yard after being messed up with some wild dogs, or a neighbor’s pets. 

1. Find a way to convince your neighbors to lock up their dogs

Many dog owners may not know that their purring friend is roaming about and invading other people’s compounds. They also don’t realize that their dogs come into contact with hazardous and harmful substances while wandering.

While many dogs escape from their homes while the owners are either at work or engaged in some activities, that shouldn’t be an excuse for them to ruin your yard. Approach the dog owner in a friendly manner and let them know the havoc their pet is creating. 

Talk to them amicably and find a way on how to contain the situation. However, if your neighbor responds aggressively, then you might consider taking legal action against them. 

2. Repellants have been proven to keep dogs away

How would it feel seeing stray dogs chew plants, digging, and soiling your yard after putting so much effort to keep it green?

The repellants will help you keep off the unwanted stray dogs or even your stubborn pet from the lush lawns. The repellants come on two different types. We have the granular and liquid repellants, with both of them as effective as the other. Ultrasonic dog repellers are also good repellants that you can have.

The solid repellent helps with creating a boundary along the edges of your lawn or yard.

3. Get rid of any attractions that may draw dogs closer to your lawn

All dogs have a high sense of smell. It, therefore, means that a barbeque party at your expansive yard will bring them closer. The garbage and animal’s food might also attract the dogs to your lawn. It is therefore advisable to feed your dog inside their kennel and keep away their plates after feeding them. 

Further, it would be best if you sprayed your female dog to prevent her from attracting male dogs to mate. Your dog’s droppings might also invite the male dogs closer. Consider cleaning the whole area.

4. Consider using some bottled water or sprinklers

Most dogs wouldn’t want to get closer to where there is water. And if you are using sprinklers in your yard, the sound of the water even works better to keep the dog away. You could use large bottles or milk jugs filled with water by placing them around your lawn’s borders. 

The dogs are likely not to get nearer the lawn because they don’t like any water body. 

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