How You Can Grow Your Company Using Social Media Marketing

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Getting your social media marketing strategy off the ground can take some work. For instance, in construction companies, the hardest part seems to be just getting started. These are the steps that companies use to grow using social media marketing, you can apply them as follows:

01. Set a goal

Goal setting is the key to successful social media marketing for construction companies

Social media marketing is a powerful tool, but if you understand the platform, your goals for that platform, and how to measure your progress towards those goals will only work for you.

For example, let’s say you’re planning to get started on Facebook. You want to get the word out about your construction company and how well the projects you are creating have had good results.

If your goal is to continue to express the word, you do not measure clicks.

Yes, clicking on your site from your Facebook page and getting visitors is a great job, but it’s not an accurate measure of your awareness goal.

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Instead, you want to measure impressions and opinions. How many people are watching your post? Are they being shared? The more visibility you get, the closer you will get to that awareness goal.

And now as I mentioned it, you should have a clear awareness goal. Maybe it’s the average number of views or impressions for each post

Maybe it will increase the number of your followers.

Choose a number and a time frame that is realistic and then time to measure that goal.

The same procedure applies to any other goal. You may want to drive conversions through LinkedIn. Decide how many conversions you want to see next month. Then, measure clicks from your LinkedIn posts. Track the visits of those visitors. Do they convert it after creating it on your site? If not, why not?

02. Choose a platform

This brings us to the next point – choosing a social media platform.

Not all social media marketing will produce the same results for construction companies. . You will want to choose the platform that best suits your construction company’s social media marketing goals.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the best social media platforms for construction companies and what each platform’s best goals are:

Facebook. Great for general awareness. If you want to get to know your company and get more insight into your project and your brand, Facebook is a great place to start.

LinkedIn. A smart choice for commercial construction companies. You’ll find the content here intriguing for professionals and you can do a lot here to raise brand awareness in a professional setting, as well as drive some very targeted conversions.

Houzz. Suitable for construction companies that have direct contact with customers. If you place yourself as an authority in your industry, HOUSE is a great place to start house construction consultants and offers plenty of opportunities to communicate directly with consumers to enhance your reputation as an authority in the industry.

Instagram. Another great place to drive your work and brand awareness. Best for highlighting new products and beautiful work before and after sharing. Instagram is focused, so it’s not the place to drive conversions, but Instagram is an effective tool for growing your brand.

We suggest you start with just one platform.

If your company is new to social media marketing, do not add extra hints or excessive clicks on Tweet

Start with just one platform, two at most, and focus on increasing your following first before you expand.

03. Post consistently

As I said:

And be purposeful about what you are posting.

I won’t go into these, but different types of posts will get more attention from different platforms.

For example, Facebook may be limited in the reach of a post that they think is marketing more than what it says, “meaningful content” or content that brings people together. This is how you highlight a picture that you have just completed