Is juicing good for your health? – Here are the facts

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While some prefer to eat fruits and vegetables right off the plants, others would instead juice it. Juicing refers to one using a blender, a juicer machine or any other form of equipment to turn fruits and vegetables into liquid form. Juicing, is an alternative method of introducing essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins contained in fruits into our bodies. But is juicing good for your health? Below are the facts about juicing:

Prevents diseases

Such diseases include cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and an array of inflammatory diseases. Compounds such as anthocyanins and flavonoids are present in almost all vegetables and fruits. This help protects against cell damage owing from pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals. Carrot juice, for instance, is known to aid in the cure and treatment of cancer. Drinking fresh juice on a regular basis has been found to help keep certain health conditions at bay.

Better nutrient intake

Studies reveal that fruit fiber is harder to digest while juice is alternately fast and quite easily absorbed into our bodies. Note that there are many benefits associated with fiber intake. In the long run, it all comes down to preference. One may find it practical to consume fresh juice throughout the day than they would eat pounds of fresh fruit all day.

Offers variety

When juicing, one is free to include six, seven, or as many different types of fruits and vegetables into their drink. This translates to more nutrients and a healthier you. Keep in mind that if one was to consume fruits and vegetables in the form of pudding, they would be limited regarding variety and to be honest, most vegetables don’t taste that good when consumed whole.

Gives you good stomach bacteria

Bacteria exist in various organs almost throughout the body. Bacteria is a crucial part of the immune system. Light green, yellow-colored and dark green vegetables are great sources of healthy bacteria, carotene, and vitamins. These can help alleviate stomach upset and even help treat colon cancer among countless other benefits. So if you want a healthy gut, it goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are by far the best alternative to conventional meds.

Lowers high cholesterol and blood sugar

By embracing a holistic kind of diet, juicing can help lower sugar levels and bad cholesterol present in the body. Keep off red meat and fried foods. Instead introduce chicken, oats, seafood vegetables and fruits into your daily diet. If you suffer from high cholesterol, often exercise and juice bitter melon, dark greens, lemon among others. This will go a long way in getting you back to health.

Natural detox

Owing to advancement in technology coupled with harsh eco-systems, people have less time to prepare their own meals, otherwise preferring junk food and home deliveries. Some of these foods are made hurriedly without a care in the amounts of calories involved.  It’s all about the addictive taste and increased sales. Eventually, we become extremely stressed physically and emotionally, hence the need for a detox.

Through juicing, the digestive tract gets a much-needed break from having to digest these heavy foods while simultaneously introducing vitamins and nutrients. Take a few days off and only take many servings of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. This aids in cleaning out and getting rid of toxins from our body. If your skin is glowing, know that the job is done. Glowing skin is one of the many perks that come with juicing.

For best results, one is encouraged to use a bit of water or cucumber to dilute the bitter taste often associated with juicing raw vegetables. On the other hand, refrain from incorporating too much sugary fruit into your daily juice regimen as it may lead to obesity or even diabetes.

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