Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This is our commitment policy to protect and to safeguard all the information regarding your data collected by us. This policy is, therefore, a binding agreement between you and the website or with your decision to access the information found on this site.

Website visitors

All our website visitors are subject to our privacy policy and thus may be required to accept our policy terms. We may collect both personally identifiable and non-personal identifiable information such as date of your visit and time, language, and browser type among other information as the need arises.

The information we collect

To better our service and relationship with our visitors, it is our discretion that we may be obliged to collect some of the information for our own statistics. All the information that our server collects and the ones that you will be prompted to provide are confidential and are not accessible by the third parties or unauthorized staff.

  • Personal information

The information that we may collect in this part refers to your personally identifiable information such as your name, email address where necessary and other related information that will better our service in accessing our website content or information.

  • Cookies information

When you visit our site, we may send some cookies for a particular purpose. In this case, we may send both sessional and persistent cookies depending on our need. Cookies are used to identify your browser and to keep certain browsing information.

  • Log file information

Our servers may also capture some of your information regarding such things as the internet protocol address (IP), your domain name, number of clicks, landing pages, your browser and page URLs among other information.

How we use the collected information

All the information that we collect are meant to enhance the functionality of our site and also to maintain your data such that whenever you visit our site, you should not have to always record the same information. Generally, the every information that is collected is used to enhance features that might not be working well on our site and thus improve the accessibility among other as may be communicated.

Our commitment to data privacy

All the information that is captured by our servers are well protected and thus is a confidential information between the user and the website. There is no way that we may use any of your information for things like marketing among other purposes without your consent. However, we might allow our trusted and authorized third parties to access your information where the services you are demanding requires outsourcing from our affiliates or our subsidiary companies. 

Privacy policy changes

In our discretion, we may be required to review our policies from time to time depending on the need for such changes and due to technological changes and trends. When such changes occur, your information is still confidential. However, if you are our regular visitor or using our website services, you are required to stay informed by checking our privacy to be aware of such changes.