Top 10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2020

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When we come to know that a special one’s birthday is approaching, we all are puzzled about what we can give them? 

There are times when we are not near our family members or our significant other and then there are times when we have to gift our boss or colleagues and we are just sitting there blank with no way out. It happens to all of us. We just felt like we could just ease the burden for you and help you pick out a perfect gift for everyone. 

To some extent, we also think about being the best when it comes to gifting but are perplexed with all the wide range of products that are available these days. 

Here I have a list of birthday gifts that will surely surprise them.


Well, one always goes an extra mile to show their love to their significant other, well here you could always go for the engraved plaques, the engraved pens and much to our delight there are personalized newspapers as well just imagine when they ask for the newspaper and you give them the personalized newspaper you got for them they will be so happy to see that gift. 

You can always buy these personalized gifts for someone in your family as well. For your father, you can get a personalized mug which says “best dad ever”

For your mom, you can always go for a personalized photo frame and put any picture capturing that memorable moment of yours.


You can explore our wide collection of cakes and bouquets and gift them their favorite blooms with their favorite flavor of cake. You could opt for happy birthday flowers with Oreo or coffee cake and nothing is better than the ultimate chocolate cake. Well, you can always get flower delivery in Mumbai.

You can also get these cakes in the heart shape as that is the symbol of deep love and passion.

This can not only be gifted to your significant other but this gift is perfect for every birthday that you have. Everyone loves a surprise treat around midnight.

You don’t have to worry as we do midnight cake bouquet delivery in Bangalore.


These are the perfect ways to relax when it comes to coming home after a long day of work. Your significant other is going to love this one. You can also book them a complete spa appointment if you are feeling generous or maybe you both can go together to these spa appointments.


Even if it is the birthday of your girlfriend, mother, sister or anyone close to you. You can always surprise them with a piece of jewelry, this is something that will last for long and it is precious to them as well as you because it has a lot of sentiments to it. 

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A bottle of nice perfume is appreciated by everyone and here the same thing applies. If the birthday person has a favourite brand that they want to buy a perfume from then you can always gift them that. They will be so happy to see that and let’s just say that the million-dollar smile is on the way. 


Gadgets are perfect as according to the present scare; we must have a functioning mobile or a laptop. If you know someone who is working or is in university and has a laptop which is not functioning properly or someone who wants to buy the headphones then this is the perfect gift for them.


Let them decide what they want as they will be able to judge that better. This again can be used when there is a birthday of your sister, daughter, mother or father etc. 

We know that Their cart is already full, all they need is a little financial push to reach the destination. 

  • WINE 

Wine becomes perfect when there is a birthday of your best friend however if someone in your family loves wine then this also means that you can always gift them with wine. There are various vines that you can choose from. Well, I will leave that up to you. 


Why leave the creative members out? You can always surprise them with the paints, canvases, sketch pens or help them in changing their art supplies this birthday and let their creative minds unleash with these art supplies or you can always go for the journals or diaries that they were planning to buy. 


Well, this one is gaining a little bit of popularity over time. If you want to gift them with something a bit more personalized then get the picture of you both together on the phone case or if your loved one is a bit of a photographer then get one of his pictures on that case. I’m sure he will be spellbound as soon as he sees it. 

Wish them a happy birthday and make sure that they start the year with a wonderful smile on their faces.