Top 5 Best Electrical Engineering Universities in Florida 2018

Are you looking forward to a career in electrical engineering? Perhaps this is your passion and you are looking for the best college in Florida offering the same course. Fortunately, this information is meant to give you insights and background knowledge of the top five best engineering schools in Florida.

Basically, it is worth noting that, electrical engineering is one of the best course that is sought after by most of the companies both in production and manufacturing and electricity generation among others. If you are searching for the same, you should remember that the quality of the course depends on the college standards, facilities, and resources. Therefore, to help you choose the best, the following schools are the best-chartered colleges and universities that provide quality courses in electrical engineering as per the recent rankings. Also captured are the specific courses offered and the tuition fees to help you plan your budget for the entire study period.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is one of the largest universities that is located in the Gainesville, Florida. It is one of the oldest schools in the region and is known for its best courses especially in the field of electrical engineering among other engineering courses. As mentioned here, the college was started in the year 1853 and has remained as one of the most reputable institutions in the region.

One of the advantages of studying in this school is that it is well equipped and has got the necessary facilities and resources. The courses offered in engineering range from Bachelors to Ph.D. level. In addition, about 14 other engineering courses are offered by this prestigious university.

When it comes to the tuition fee, it is a bit expensive but it is worth it. Without forgetting the fact that, the University of Florida is among the top five when ranked together with other engineering colleges and the universities in the whole of USA. Its tuition fee is about $29,000 per year.

University of Central Florida

This is the second best university in Florida and is also the largest when it comes to its population. The university was established in 1963 and up to now, it has remained to be known for its value when it comes to engineering courses. The university is coming second after the University of Florida. In the general rankings, it is among the top 50 in the whole of USA.

One of the benefits of studying in this awesome university is the presence of diversity, competent lecturers, and availability of enough resources and facilities that include the workshop laboratories among others. In addition, the university offers 10 other engineering programs and the same programs run from Bachelors to Ph.D. level.

When it comes to the tuition fee, the university charges an approximate value of $23,000 per year. Therefore, based on this information, you can then make an appropriate choice.

University of Miami

The university is located in Coral Gable in Florida. It is one of the prestigious institutions found in the region and offering a number of courses apart from the engineering courses. In total, the university offers about 12 engineering programs with electrical engineering included. The university was opened in 1925 and currently, it is ranked third in Florida when it comes to engineering.

The population of the university is not such big when compared with the first two universities. It is medium sized but offering high-quality courses just like the other two mentioned above. In addition, the university has enough resources and facilities and thus is the best place for study. However, it is a bit expensive when compared with other universities in the region. The approximate tuition fee is $45, 000 per year.

University of South Florida

This is a public university with a large number of students from various fields of studies. The university is located in Tampa in Florida. The school was founded in 1956 and currently offering programs from the Bachelors to Ph.D. level.

The university boasts of its engineering programs that it offers. In this case, alongside electrical engineering, the university is offering other nine programs in this field. Therefore, if you are to go for this choice, it is recommendable since this is a reputable university in the region.

One of the greatest advantage that you will gain from pursuing your course in this university is the cost when it comes to the tuition fee. In this case, the university is affordable and charges a relatively lower amount per year of study. The tuition fee is about $17, 000 per year. Therefore, of your consideration is the cost, then this is the best choice for you.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

This university focuses mostly on offering engineering programs. It is located is Daytona Beach in Florida. When it comes to the population in terms of the number of students, it is the least in comparison with the other four.

As one of the top five colleges in the region, it is one of the oldest as it was started in the year 1926 and is currently the best among the others mentioned herein. Alongside electrical engineering, other six programs are offered by the university and all the programs runs from Bachelors to Ph.D. level.

One of the advantages that you will enjoy by choosing this school is the rich diversity of cultures and the resources among other good things. However, the university has a poor rating when it comes to the student behavior and crimes. In addition, the tuition fee is a bit higher in relation to other universities of the same level. In this case, the university charges about $33, 000 per year of study.

Having gone through the above information, you are now in a good position to make your choice and pursue your electrical engineering career. Surely, choosing to pursue electrical engineering in any of the above best universities in Florida is a decision that is worth of value since the universities have good current rating and rankings based on the same program.