Top 5 Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combos in 2020 | Buying Guide

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After doing a thorough analysis and comparison of the various brands and types of the best vacuum steam mop combos, considering the ratings and reviews from different customers, price and other features, we came up with this trustworthy and reliable guide with the top 5 best vacuum steam mop combo reviews.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best mop combo, you need to get the right type and brand that will be effective and efficient for your cleaning. Now it is high time that we look at the top 5 best vacuum and steam mop combos that are available on the market.

The top 5 best vacuum steam mop combos that we have include:

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Cleaner

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This is a number one of the best vacuum mop combos that have rocked the market and have gained a lot of demand. If you want to kill up to 99.9 % of all germs and bacteria in your house, then, this is the right cleaner that you should choose. Apart from being the most effective and efficient tool for cleaning, you can also find it at an affordable price.


  • Steam control. This vacuum mop combo comes with a steam control that you can vary according to your needs. The buttons indicate low, medium, and high and are for setting up the steam requirements just by a simple touch.
  • Other features. Some of the other invaluable features include built-in easy scrubber, microfiber mop pads, built-in heater, and fragrance discs for freshness among other imperative features.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable cord length
  • Removable water tank makes it easy to refill
  • Wide mop head ensures fast cleaning


  • Microfiber pads may bunch up to the front when pushed forward

Hoover Steam WH20200 Mop Cleaner

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This twin-tank machine combines the disinfectant feature and steam to ensure that all the bacteria and other living organisms have no room for life. The other thing that is worth noting is that it is highly effective and efficient by the use of the cord. Delving into the product details, let us have a look at the exemplary features that puts this product on the list:

  • Two-tank system. With the two-tank system, you can choose what you want to use. Do you want to use steam alone, or you want to combine with disinfectants? That lies solely for your decision and is, therefore, a strong feature that catapults the demand for this awesome product.
  • Other features. The other strong features that are worth mentioning for this super product include but not limited to a 30-foot power cord, swivel mop head that looks triangular, three microfiber pads, carpet glider, and cooling tray.


  • Steaming time is less than 30 seconds
  • The triangular swivel enhances easy maneuvering
  • The long power cord makes it reach furthest corners


  • Pads may need replacement after some time and can be an extra cost

Bissell 1785A Crosswave Vacuum & Steam Mop

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This machine has been tested and proven as one of the best products that come with superior qualities. That is why it falls under the top 5 best vacuum mop combos. It is indeed one of the best as we can see on the features and the effectiveness. Leave alone the efficiency. Of course, you would expect greater power as we move downwards and it is not an exception for this type. Some of the rocking features that make up this product include:

  • Touch controls. You do not need to struggle to do things manually all the time while we have a digital product that enables you to do great by the touch of a knob. Since this is a combined or an all-in-one machine, you can decide to either use steam, vacuum, or both by just a touch of a button.
  • All-in-one. This feature is what makes this vacuum steam mop combo effective since it works to wash and vacuum at the same time. This feature is beneficial in that you do not have to wash then mop but instead, the machine allows you to achieve both at the same time and that is one of the ways that you can save your time.
  • Two-tank technology. This feature is meant to keep the water that you are mopping or washing your floor separate from the dirty water that is already used. This feature ensures that you use only the fresh water to mop or clean your floor.
  • Easy to use and to maintain. Using this vacuum mop is one of the easiest things ever. It comes with easy to remove brushes and hence making it one of the best vacuum steam mop combo that you can manage with ease. Also, it is easy to maintain and that is what we can say about this excellent vacuum steam mop.
  • Multi-surface cleaning. This vacuum steam mop combo comes with the ability to clean all your floors. It comes with the features that makes it effective and efficient in cleaning carpets, sealed wood floors, laminate floors, rugs, and more.


  • It is very efficient
  • Suitable for multi-surface cleaning
  • Touch controls make it easy to use


  • May require effort to pull and to push on the floor

Vapamore MR-50 Corded Vacuum Combo and Steam Cleaner

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While we were looking at the factors, we mentioned that there are different types that of vacuum and steam mops for choice. Though we never dwell much on that, it is because of that reason that we bring to you another type that has also shaken the attention of the market. When you see this product, it appears to be a very portable machine that you can carry it easily wherever you want. Details of the product features will come, but one of the visible and loud features is that you need a cable to connect it to the source of power.


  • Steam power. What you need to kill all the germs, all the mites, and bacteria is not the suction but steam. You will realize that, once you use this mop, there will be nothing alive left and that is what you need to keep your house clean and without the disease-causing microorganisms. For this type, the steam produced goes up to 210 degrees Celsius. The incorporation of 1300-watt heater also boosts its power.
  • This classifies the product into a handheld type. If you are looking for a machine that you can easily use with your hand, then, this is the right choice. This feature shows that the device is highly portable and is convenient for travel.
  • Effective and efficient. The effectiveness and efficiency are the attributes that come with this excellent mop. It is, therefore, effective in killing all kind of germs and bacteria, removing all kind of dirt, and in collecting all dust.


  • It is highly portable
  • No use of chemicals
  • Suitable for homes with pets
  • Removes all stains and dirt
  • Kills all bacteria and other small living organisms


  • It is corded and requires external source of power

Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Mop

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Are you in need of a flexible mop that is adaptable for your cleaning needs? Perhaps you have not tested this and wondering about its efficiency and effectiveness. Let us now explore this unique product that seems to have attracted most of the customers on the market. What is it that is making it a top-drawer? What are the features? What are the benefits or advantages? If you can get to understand the same, then you can get to go with one of the best vacuum steam mop combos such as this type.

This Dyson brand product comes in a style that makes it join this list. Before we end this review, you will have gained a valuable information regarding this product and what will remain is for you to make a fruitful choice.


  • Strongest suction. The stronger the suction, the stronger the mop power. Mop power is the strength at which the mop sucks up dust and all sorts of dirt. You know, you need a mop that will remove all dirt and debris, all things that are causing your floor unhygienic, and all the stubborn sticks and stains. When you have this great mop, you are sure to the cleaning power that will leave nothing associated with dirt left in your room.
  • Self-adjusting head. The self-adjusting head ensures that the floor cleans to the angles. Whether there are angles that may be difficult for other cleaners, or ridges, channels, or a slanting surface, the head design is suitable for adjustment to make sure that the machine access to all surfaces is not limited.
  • Release wand. Do you want to clean easily the places that seem unreachable in your room? That is all possible with the super fantastic mop that comes with a release wand. With this, you can clean up all the places that have been disturbing you. From under the furniture to below the bed or cupboard, you no longer have to worry when you have a cleaner with this feature.
  • Other features. Some of the other supporting qualities that come with this mop include but not limited to the hygienic empty bin, HEPA filtration technology for trapping all bacteria and allergens, and tangle-free turbine tool.


  • It is suitable for homes with pets
  • Adaptable to different cleaning areas
  • Comes with the strongest suction power making it effective and efficient


  • The corded nature may limit its application

What is the purpose of having the best vacuum steam mop combo?

You might be wondering why all talks, what is the reason behind this article trying to persuade you to buy the best vacuum steam mop combo. It is a prudent way for you to understand the purpose, the different types available on the market, the things that you should consider before buying one, and the best-performing ones on the market.

About this, these refer to the equipment for cleaning hard floors, cabinets, cupboards, and drawers among other places. In this article, we have gathered the insights that are helpful for you in choosing the best product that will never come to disappoint you.

Perhaps the above vacuum steam mop combos have come at the right time when you are looking for one of the best vacuum mop combos for your home or office. What we can say is that, gone are the times when we used to spend a lot of time trying to make our rooms clean, and after spending so many hours, you still find fleas, mites and cockroaches still alive and kicking. You also find the stubborn dirt in its place. Gone are those days. Now we have a new dawn that promises better solutions for our cleaning needs. If you have happened to test the power of using one of the best vacuum and steam mop combos, then you know what I am trying to put across.

What are some the things to consider when buying a vacuum and steam mop combo for your home or office?

Buying a steam cleaner of this type requires a better understanding of the features that make up the product and the purpose for which the mop is intended. Coming to the point of selecting the best mop, here are some of the key factors that you should put into account:

Size and weight

The size and weight are of the great essence when it comes to getting the right mop for your purpose. When you are here considering the weight or size, you should know that sometimes you would have to change the head to enhance its versatility or to use it in unreachable places like the drawers and the bins among other hard to reach areas.

If that is the need, you have to make your choice well. However, this is not a big issue to bar you from acquiring one of the best vacuum steam mop combos. One word is that you should buy something that you can easily manage.


This is the ability of the mop to work for multiple purposes. The best vacuum steam mop combos are adaptable and comes with a variety of utility heads that makes it easy for you to use it on other surfaces apart from the floor. Does the mop allow you to clean windows, counters, and kitchen stove apart from the floor? If yes, we can say it is versatile and can be the best option for you if you are looking for an all-round cleaner.

Steaming time

How long does it take your mop to generate steam? From the time you add water, a good mop combo can take about 15 seconds to warm up while others can take even up to more than one minute. You should be cautious when you are considering this factor since the bigger the tanks, the longer it will take the machine to produce steam and that may not merely mean that the mop is bad.

Type of the floor

There are different types of floors, and you know that. Is it for tile floors? Is it for laminate floor? Is it for hardwood floors? Answering these questions will help you locate one of the best vacuum steam mop combos that is suitable for your purpose.

Having looked at the top 5 best vacuum steam mop combos in this awesome guide, the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each, you are now in a good position to make an informed choice. All the above products fit this category based on their performance, consumer reviews, and rankings as reflected on the market.

Having looked and analyzed this guide with the top best vacuum steam mop combos, you can now order for your favorite choice. Choosing one of the best vacuum and steam mop combos requires that you look at each factor here, combine with the features, price, and the performance of the product according to consumer reviews, and surely, you will come with the best option that will serve you without regrets.

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